Are you a student-athlete looking to develop leadership skills and create a winning culture for your team?

Do you want to perform your best at the highest levels of competition?

Talent 409 can help you develop a playbook and game plan for success!



At Talent 409 we help student-athletes discover their talent altitude through workshops and seminars while increasing their opportunities for success on and off the field. 



Talent altitude


The idea that player development is more than just physical. Learning traits and qualities related to leadership development will help you in competition on the field and also prepare you for life after sports.


At Talent 409 we help athletes, coaches and teams realize their talent altitude by improving their leadership performance and setting them up with a roadmap for life.


Whereas traditional coaches and trainers work the muscles, we work the mind.


We enhance leadership skills, help People learn to think positively to Affect positive outcomes, and personalize communication strategies.

Studies show teams with strong leadership, from coaches to players, are the most successful in the long run. And what's more, the athletes internalize the lessons as they move on to other careers both on and off the field.

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Colin’s story


While growing up and competing in athletics it wasn’t always clear to me that winning and losing weren’t the only purpose of playing the game. Sure, I had coaches that said they cared about more than just winning and that it was important for them to build a culture that we as a team felt inclusive of, but more often than not the demands to win the game outweighed any momentum we ever had at attaining the bigger picture to competition and athletics.

I have always had a curious mind and I have long been enamored with how leaders do their jobs effectively and how teams build cultures that make the people in them feel safe and trusted. Personally, I’ve spent time in different leadership positions throughout my life: in the past as co-captain of the Varsity Baseball team in high school, as the leader of a Fortune 500 financial company, and as the manager of a restaurant where I not only supervised day-to-day operations but I also oversaw opening a brand new restaurant. Currently, I am the Director of Membership Engagement for the Penn State Alumni Association Charlotte Chapter and I am the VP of Public Relations for Queen City Toastmasters, where I am also part of the mentorship program.

At Talent 409, I am taking my passion for sports, along with my current and past experiences in leadership roles, and helping current high school and collegiate level student-athletes find more opportunities for success on and off the field. It is so important to me that student-athletes realize that what makes them successful as a leader on the field can also make them successful off the field - in life, in business, and with their families. But first it is imperative to identify what qualities make up what we call a Dynamic Leader and how being a leader can influence the performance of an entire team and the culture in which that team is a part of. That’s where Talent 409 comes in. In addition to student-athletes, we work with coaches and administrators at the high school and collegiate level to enhance their education on how they can positively impact the performance of their teams and programs. We even work with a variety of different corporate organizations. It’s not always about X’s and O’s or organizational processes. Supporting the development of people should be a primary focus of all leaders.

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Core Values 

Family First

If you don't put your family before your work, then you are doing it wrong. At Talent 409 we prioritize family unconditionally at #1. You wouldn't be where you are without them.

Always Be Learning

There is an old saying: “if you aren’t learning, then you are dying.” The brain is like your muscles and if it isn’t being exercised on a daily basis, it atrophies. And then fulfilling potential becomes impossible. At Talent 409 we don’t want people to become dinosaurs. We want to help you reach your talent altitude-- and then keep going to reach even higher.

Always Compete

Within reason we want to always have the "compete" mindsets while performing. There are always circumstances to consider, but preparing with this mindset puts us in the best possible position to succeed on a consistent basis.

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