Dynamic Leaders with Colin Cerniglia; Episode 40: Becoming A Chameleon with Andrea Ervay

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On today's episode of the Dynamic Leaders podcast, Colin is joined by Andrea Ervay. Andrea is the Head Coach of the women's varsity lacrosse team at Providence High School (Charlotte, NC) and is also a Co-Founder and Coaching Director for TEAM Lacrosse Academy. Originally from Upstate New York, Andrea played lacrosse all through college before embarking on a career where she is now considered a serial entrepreneur and continues to make positive impacts on kids through sports.

Topics include: Andrea's Who Are You segment (2:26), where her love for lacrosse came from (5:17), lessons learned from being part of a brand new lacrosse program in high school (9:29), recruiting tips for high schoolers looking to play at the collegiate level (12:54), common misconceptions of the recruiting process (17:21), her transition from college lacrosse to the business world (19:22), the importance of her first mentorship experience and how it shaped her business future (29:08), the important aspects covered in TEAM Lacrosse (34:01), the future of lacrosse in the southeast (35:43), they talk about motivating others in the learning and development segment (40:17), where she gets her personal development from (46:28), and finally, who a Dynamic Leader is in her life (51:50).

Get in Touch with Andrea:

  • teamlaxacademy.com

  • andrea@teamlacrosseacademy.com

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Intro Music: Detroit Rock City - KISS (July 28, 1976)

Outro Music: Take It Easy - Eagles (Live: July 27, 1980 - Santa Monica, CA)

"Who Are You" Segment: Who Are You - The Who (August 1978)


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