Dynamic Leaders with Colin Cerniglia; Episode 42: How To Start A Movement with Micah Shippee

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On today's episode of the Dynamic Leaders podcast, Colin is joined by Micah Shippee. Micah is a Social Studies Teacher at Liverpool Middle School in Liverpool, NY. He is also a former coach, current consultant and keynote speaker, and he is a recently published author. His book WanderlustEDU: An Educator's Guide to Innovation, Change, and Adventure is available via Amazon.com.

Topics include: Micah's Who Are You segment (1:47), how youth athletics shaped what he wanted to do as an adult (2:43), when he knew he wanted to be a teacher (5:48), differences in teaching over a 15+ year span (6:42), finding balance between teaching what's needed and teaching a curriculum (8:14), how working with and learning from other teachers helps him be better at his job (10:05), what it's like being a professional speaker and how it related to relationship building with students (12:12), why he got into coaching (20:43), finding a balance between culture and skills building with 7th and 8th grade athletes (23:04), did he ever have the itch to coach at higher levels? (25:09), heartbreak from his past and what he learned from it (26:36), the importance of family to him (30:22), what are "ah-ha" moments? (31:36), his recently published book! (32:43), advice for first-time authors (44:36), (46:22), and finally, who a Dynamic Leader is in his life (49:28).

Now on Amazon - "WanderlustEDU: An Educator's Guide to Innovation, Change, and Adventure" https://t.co/0MYQWvI01r

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