Dynamic Leaders with Colin Cerniglia; Episode 43: Solo Pod: 7 Pillars of Dynamic Leadership

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On today's episode of the Dynamic Leaders podcast, Colin sits down to talk about the 7 Pillars of Dynamic Leadership. Do you want to be a more effective leader or are you looking for foundational pieces to start your leadership journey? Then this solo pod episode is for you!

Topics include: an intro to the 7 Pillars concept (1:51), courage (6:22), drive and accountability (10:09), motivation (13:23), integrity (16:28), grit (18:18), communication (20:59), and emotional intelligence (22:47).


Intro Music: Detroit Rock City - KISS (July 28, 1976)

Outro Music: Take It Easy - Eagles (Live: July 27, 1980 - Santa Monica, CA)

"Who Are You" Segment: Who Are You - The Who (August 1978)


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