Dynamic Leaders with Colin Cerniglia; Episode 46: Gathering All The Facts with Kayla Smith

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On today's episode of the Dynamic Leaders podcast, Colin is joined by Kayla Smith. Kayla is a former track & field student-athlete at the University of California Santa Barbara where she also served as team captain. She then began working in athletics at the collegiate level, first with UC Santa Barbara and later at the University of Tennessee. Kayla is now the owner of her own professional development and career coaching firm, Coached by Kayla.

Topics include: Kayla's Who Are You segment (2:24), what it was like growing up in SoCal and her transition to Tennessee (3:29), her athletic experiences and what led her to compete in track & field in college (8:28), where her drive and awareness came from to get involved in more than just sports (12:13), what her "fact gathering" process is like and why it's so important to have (15:15), lessons learned through athletic competition (19:38), why she decided she wanted to work in collegiate athletics (23:53), what the focus of student-athlete development should be (27:41), the awesome feeling of being an entrepreneur (38:24), her process for developing professional relationships with her clients (40:40), common challenges workers are seeing in the business world (44:42), we chat about the Dynamic Leadership pillar courage in the learning and development segment (48:37), and who a Dynamic Leader is in her life (54:51).

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Intro Music: Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet (May 24, 2004)

Outro Music: Take It Easy - Eagles (Live: July 27, 1980 - Santa Monica, CA)

"Who Are You" Segment: Who Are You - The Who (August 1978)


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