Dynamic Leaders with Colin Cerniglia; Episode 48: Best Ever Created with Rebecca Harris

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On today's episode of the Dynamic Leaders podcast, Colin is joined by Rebecca Harris. Rebecca is a guard for the St. Louis Surge basketball team. She played college hoops at the University of Illinois and also plays professional basketball overseas when she's not in the States.

Topics include: Rebecca's Who Are You segment (3:03), what it was like growing up in a military family (4:43), how the values she learned from military parents were different from friends and peers (8:09), more about athletics growing up and how basketball became her game (10:49), the moment she realized she could play basketball in college and in the pros (12:47), why she wishes she took her education more seriously in high school (16:37), why Michael Jordan is her favorite athlete and how LeBron James influences her ventures off the court (18:49), what she sees for her future business ventures (23:33),  the complexities involved with women playing professional sports (26:32), differences in the way women are treated overseas versus in the US and how that relates to sports (30:13), how she sees her role as an influencer in igniting change in women's sports (34:15), what the future hold for her on the court and off it (38:44), in learning and development they chat about courage and drive & accountability (40:56),  and who a Dynamic Leader is in her life (47:56).

Get in Touch with Rebecca:

  • Instagram: @rebeccah30

  • Email: rtharris30@gmail.com

Learn More About Best Ever Created:

  • Instagram: @bestevercreated


Intro Music: Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet (May 24, 2004)

Outro Music: Take It Easy - Eagles (Live: July 27, 1980 - Santa Monica, CA)

"Who Are You" Segment: Who Are You - The Who (August 1978)


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