Dynamic Leaders with Colin Cerniglia; Episode 53: Finding Happiness and Being a Great Person Off the Softball Field with Morgan Rios

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On today's episode of the Dynamic Leaders podcast, Colin is joined by Morgan Rios. Morgan is a junior catcher for Campbell University. Originally from Texas, Rios came to Campbell after spending her freshman season at Louisiana Monroe. 

Topics include: Morgan's Who Are You segment (2:01), her athletic background growing up (3:20), when she realized softball could be a part of her college journey (5:39), why she first decided to attend Louisiana Monroe and what lead to her transfer to Campbell University (7:46), what she means when she uses the word environment (13:54), details into the conversation that swayed her to transfer (16:37), what being a great person off the field means to her (19:05), how to get buy-in from teammates on concepts for life after sports (21:37), the biggest take-aways from her leadership classes (25:38), breaking down the role of a catcher on a softball field (28:14), how she develops individual relationships with her teammates (34:23), what she's excited for in this upcoming year of school and softball (38:33), her sales pitch for the culture of Campbell Softball (39:43), and who a Dynamic Leader is in her life (42:08).

Get in Touch with Morgan:

  • Twitter: @RiosMorgan

Learn More About Campbell Softball:


  • Intro Music: Walk This Way - Aerosmith (August 28, 1975)

  • "Who Are You" Segment: Who Are You - The Who (August 1978)

  • Outro Music: Take It Easy - Eagles (Live: July 27, 1980 - Santa Monica, CA)


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